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Hylo-Comod eye drops - Daily moisturising. Provides dry eyes with the moisture they need.


  • For additional moisturising of the anterior eye surface (cornea and conjunctiva) with a feeling of "dryness", feeling of foreign body in the eye, burning sensation in the eye.
  • To moisturise the anterior surface of the eye after ophthalmic surgery and corneal injuries and injuries.
  • To eliminate discomfort when wearing contact lenses.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

It is recommended to apply 1 drop of Hylo-ComodŽ solution 3 times a day into the conjunctival sac of each eye. If necessary, Hylo-Comod solution can be injected more frequently.

The frequency of use ofHylo-Comod Solution must be determined individually in accordance with how you feel and the recommendation of your ophthalmologist or contact lens specialist. If you use Hylo-Comod more frequently (e.g. more than 10 times per day) please consult your ophthalmologist. If complaints and persistent discomfort persist for several days after the use of Hylo-Comod Solution, you should also consult an ophthalmologist.

The KOMODŽ system contains and allows the extraction of 10 ml of Hylo-Comod solution, which corresponds to approximately 300 drops of solution.

After the contents have been completely used, a new filled container of Hylo-Comod solution must be purchased as the system is not intended for reuse.

There is no limit to the duration of use of Hylo-Comod Solution.

Instructions for use and recommendations for contact lenses

The COMODŽ system is intended for individual use only.

The patient should wash hands thoroughly before each application and follow the stepwise instructions below.

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