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Peptide PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is a powerful synthetic aphrodisiac, effective both for treating sexual dysfunctions (potency problems) and for increasing or normalising sexual arousal in women.

The product affects the nervous system, so it is harmless to the heart and blood vessels, unlike most aphrodisiac medicines. Due to this, the peptide is able not only to increase an erection, but also cause it.

The action of PT-141 is usually visible within two hours after injection, becoming stronger within about four hours, then it gradually subsides for another 2-4 hours. This peculiarity should be taken into account when choosing the time of injection. A nice bonus is that Bremelanotid is an isometric variation of Melanotan, so it helps to maintain an even and beautiful tan (although it does not help to acquire one).

In summary, there are several key benefits of PT 141 peptide:

  • By affecting the blood vessels, the drug treats erectile dysfunction;
  • PT 141 Peptide increases libido;
  • As a bonus, it helps to maintain tanning levels.

Recommendations for use of PT-141:

The recommended daily dosage of Bremelanotide (PT-141) can be as high as 1.5 mg. It is recommended to start with milder doses, 0.3 mg as a trial, 0.7 mg as a medium dose, then 1 mg as an optimal dose, and 1.5 mg as a strong dose. The effect occurs 2 hours after injection and reaches its peak after about 4 hours.

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