Cerebrolysin solution for injection 10ml ampoules 5 pcs

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Cerebrolison has a nootropic effect and is used for cognitive impairment, recovery from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other organic brain damage.

Indications for use of Cerebrolysin:

This medicine is prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of children and adults with the following conditions

  • Brain and spinal cord injuries due to trauma;
  • Alzheimer's disease;
  • Dementia of various nature;
  • Recovery from ischaemic strokes;
  • Chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency;
  • in children - mental retardation, attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder.

In the presence of epileptic status and acute renal failure, the drug is replaced by approved analogues.

Instructions for use:

The method of use is intravenous, as part of a drip with glucose, physiological solution or Ringer's solution, intramuscularly. The method of administration is influenced by the severity of the disease and the age of the patient and the prescribed number of ml. Thus, up to 5 ml is administered intramuscularly, 5 to 10 ml intravenously, and over 10 ml is added to drips.

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