Crystagen lingual (thymus peptides)

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Crystagen lingual is a peptide complex containing amino acids, which contribute to the normalisation of immune system functions.

Peptide bioregulator Crystagen lingual provides immunity enhancement

Bioregulator Crystagen designed to restore the proper functioning of all organs of the immune system and to enhance the body's defense against viruses, bacteria, all kinds of parasites, toxins, allergens, and the like.

Clinical studies have established the effectiveness of Crystagen lingual in the complex treatment of patients with impaired immune system functions after infectious diseases, radiation and chemotherapy, psycho-emotional stress and exposure to various adverse factors (including environmental, climatic, geopathogenic factors and ionizing radiation), as well as to maintain the immune system in elderly and elderly people.


  • In acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of various etiologies (e.g. cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, adnexitis);
  • Acute respiratory infections, sore throat, bronchitis, otitis media, maxillary sinusitis, pneumonia;
  • In pre- and post-operative periods for various surgical interventions;
  • In cases of generalised infections;
  • In systemic diseases of connective tissue;
  • In autoimmune diseases of various etiologies;
  • conditions after extreme stressors;
  • for reduced immunity;
  • To support the immune system in the elderly and the elderly;
  • for the prevention of cancer;
  • Chronic intoxication;
  • During rehabilitation after heart attacks and strokes;
  • For rejuvenation of the body as part of comprehensive programmes.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

Adults are recommended to take under the tongue 10-15 min before a meal, 5-6 drops (0.25-0.35 ml) 3-4 times a day. Duration of use is 1 month. Repeated administration after 3-6 months is recommended.

Results of using the bioregulator Crystagen:

Results of using Crystagen for the prevention of immune diseases:

  • improvement of immunity;
  • normalization of the immune system;
  • reduction of allergic reactions;
  • Reducing the severity of symptoms of a variety of diseases;
  • Prevention of severe effects after chemotherapy;
  • prevention and treatment of viral, inflammatory, cancer and colds;
  • Improvement of the general condition of the body.

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