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Eralfon (epoetin alpha) - Stimulants of haemopoiesis

Recombinant erythropoietin is an artificially synthesised hormone almost identical to the natrual hormone.


  • Treatment of anaemia associated with chronic renal failure in adults and children on haemo- or peritoneal dialysis.
  • Prevention and treatment of anaemia in cancer patients (with or without chemotherapy) with non-myeloid tumours.
  • Treatment of anaemia in HIV-infected patients

Directions for use:

The dosage regimen is determined individually, depending on the indication, the presence of concomitant diseases, the therapy regimen, and the age of the patient.

Epoetin in sport:

Recently, athletes have started to use analogues of the natural hormone erythropoietin (erythropoetin, haematopoietin, EPO, haemopoietin) to improve performance.

Endurance competitors use erythropoietin preparations to increase the concentration of haemoglobin and thereby increase the supply of oxygen to the working muscles.

While anabolic steroids are easy to detect in urine, detecting erythropoietin in serum is much more difficult.

Erythropoietin produces the kind of instantaneous increase in athletic performance you would expect after years of training.

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