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Gliatilin - drug for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the nervous system (stroke, cerebrovascular insufficiency, cognitive impairment, consequences of a traumatic brain injury).


  • Cerebral circulation disorders of ischaemic type (acute and recovery periods) and haemorrhagic type (recovery period).
  • Psycho-organic syndrome against involutional and degenerative processes of the brain.
  • Consequences of cerebrovascular insufficiency or primary and secondary cognitive disorders in the elderly, characterised by memory impairment, confusion, disorientation, decreased motivation and initiative, decreased concentration.
  • Behavioural and affective disorders in old age: emotional lability, increased irritability, decreased interest; senile pseudomelancholy.
  • Multi-infarct dementia.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

The capsules are taken orally with water before a meal. 1 capsule (400 mg) 2-3 times a day. The duration of treatment the doctor determines individually, depending on the clinical picture and characteristics of the course of the disease, age and tolerance of the drug.

Side effects:

Digestive system: nausea (which is mainly due to secondary dopaminergic activation), abdominal pain. Nervous system disorders: short-term confusion (in this case the drug dose should be reduced). The drug is well tolerated even with prolonged use.

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