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Grippferon with loratadine nasal ointment is a new original over-the-counter medicine containing recombinant human interferon alpha-2b and a second generation antihistamine substance - loratadine.

Influenza and ARI are the most common infectious diseases on Earth. Their share in the overall infectious pathological picture is almost 90%. Viral infections also account for 70% of all human illnesses.

The high frequency of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in our lives can be explained by the fact that the causative agents of these diseases are diverse and variable, and also multiply rapidly and easily.


Grippferon with loratadine is available as a nasal ointment and is used for prevention and treatment of flu and acute respiratory infections in adults, including patients with allergic rhinitis.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

The preparation is used once a day (in the morning) for flu and SARS prophylaxis, smearing the nasal mucosa and letting 1 cm of the preparation out into each nostril within 7 days.

For influenza and acute respiratory infections, apply 5 times a day, dabbing the nasal mucosa, releasing 1 cm of the ointment in each nostril for 7 days.

Before applying the ointment, clean the nasal cavity and after application, massage the nasal wings for better distribution of the ointment on the nasal mucosa surface. After application, sneezing, itching and temporary impaired sense of smell may occur.

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