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Hondramin Cartilage bioregulator.

Recommended for maintaining the normal functioning of the musculoskeletal system, promotes cartilage regeneration.

Packing: 40 tablets per pack.



Hondramin is indicated for a variety of joint disorders, such as

  • Osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine
  • Systemic connective tissue diseases
  • Prevention of injuries during sporting activities
  • Pre- and post-operative period for joint operations
  • In old age to support musculoskeletal system function

Osteoarthritis (deforming arthritis, osteoarthritis, popularly called 'salt deposits') is a chronic joint disease in which articular cartilage, the joint capsule, and then the bone itself are destroyed.

The development of arthritis begins with the destruction of cartilage. This results in pain, crunching, and a decrease in the range of motion of the joint.

The initial stage of the disease is characterised by stiffness and difficulty in moving the joints, which gradually subsides after a short period of time after the patient starts moving. The pain only occurs when there is physical exertion. As the disease progresses, the pain becomes more significant and more persistent.

Anyone can get osteoarthritis, but there are people who are particularly susceptible. 

These include:

  • The elderly;
  • People who are overweight;
  • Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts;
  • People who have had joint surgery in the past;
  • People with a genetic predisposition: if parents or grandparents had arthritis, it is very likely that their children (grandchildren) may also transmit it.

It is difficult to regenerate destroyed cartilage, so it is wise not to wait for the signs of osteoarthritis to appear, but to preventively support the cartilage tissue by saturating it with the necessary elements. 

For cartilage cells, chondrocytes, to regenerate and be protected from damage, proteins are primarily needed. Proteins (proteins) control the processes of intercellular interaction and determine the cell's ability to repair itself. All types of tissue contain certain types of proteins. This was discovered in 1999 by Günter Blobel, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his scientific work. The scientist discovered that the protein molecule is self-regulating. Lack of peptides (with age or pathology) accelerates tissue wear and tear, the aging process and leads to the development of diseases.

How does Hondramin work?

Hondramin is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins derived from cartilage tissue of young calves, it has a selective effect on cartilage cells, which helps to normalise metabolic processes in chondrocytes and reduces the possibility of various joint lesions. Like all Cytamines, Hondramin acts specifically on cartilage cells and promotes their regeneration due to the mechanism of transcytosis.

Due to the mechanism of transcytosis, the incoming protein in its unchanged form ends up in the target cell, in this case the target cells are cartilage cells. Once in the cartilage cells, Hondramin saturates them with an optimum protein "diet", allowing the cells to recover faster and normalize their functions - cushioning and protection of the joint, as well as the production of intra-articular fluid, a kind of "lubrication" of the joint.

During clinical studies it was found that a course of treatment with Hondramin in the complex therapy contributed to the reduction of pain and stiffness of the joints. The most characteristic effect of Hondramine was to reduce pain and increase the amount of movement in the affected joints.

Directions for use:

Hondramin is recommended to take 1-3 tablets, 10-15 minutes before meals, 2-3 times a day, for 30-45 days. The optimal is to repeat the course after 3-6 months. Hondramin has no contraindications and can be used both alone and as part of a complex therapy.

What to use with?

Often damage to cartilage tissue occurs due to impaired microcirculation in the joints. Vasalamin, a vascular bioregulator, can be recommended to improve the blood supply to the joints and generally normalise blood circulation. Vasalamin is a natural bioregulator that is recommended to improve blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues.

Joint pain can be a symptom of underlying liver disease. The liver is the laboratory, which is responsible for metabolism, so disorders in its operation are also reflected in the cartilage. The bioregulator Hepatamine can be recommended to restore the function of liver cells - hepatocytes.

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