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An antihypertensive agent. The mechanism of action of moxonidine is mainly attributed to its effect on central BP regulation. Moxonidine is an agonist of mainly imidazoline receptors.

By inducing the above receptors of solitary tract neurons, moxonidine via a system of inhibitory interneurons contributes to inhibition of vasomotor centre activity and thus, reduction of descending sympathetic effects on cardio-vascular system. BP (systolic and diastolic) decreases gradually.


Arterial hypertension.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

It is taken orally. The initial dose is on average 200 micrograms orally once daily. Maximum single dose is 400 micrograms. Individual adjustment of daily dose is required depending on the tolerability of therapy. The maximum daily dose is 600 micrograms in 2 doses.

For patients with moderate and severe renal insufficiency and for patients on hemodialysis the initial dose is 200 mcg/day. If necessary and if well tolerated, the daily dose may be increased to a maximum of 400 g.

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