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Gum peptide balm strengthens the roots of the teeth and significantly improves the condition of the gums themselves. As a result of its use, gingival bleeding is reduced, swelling disappears and overall oral health improves.

REVIDONT balm is designed to take care of gums with inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. The balm contains natural peptide bioregulators of vessels, cartilage and thymus. They strengthen capillaries, stimulate cell regeneration of the oral mucosa, increase local immunity. REVIDONT is recommended for gingivitis - an inflammatory lesion of the gums, periodontal disease - the destruction of periodontal tissues. The balm is also indispensable when wearing crowns and dentures as they can irritate and traumatize the gums. It has antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. Bioantioxidant complex "Neovitin" helps neutralize free radicals, improves local blood circulation, stimulates the production of interferon, strengthens cell membranes. REVIDONT balm is an excellent prophylactic agent for gum care.

Balm's action:

  • eliminates bleeding gums;
  • relieves swelling;
  • relieves pain;
  • Accelerates the regeneration of the oral mucosa in case of injury;
  • reduces the sensitivity of enamel.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

After each brushing, rub into the gums for 1-2 minutes with a soft toothbrush or the tip of your finger. Refrain from eating and rinsing for 15 minutes. Apply the balm to the gums with massaging strokes. In case of gum disease, apply 1-2 times a day (morning and evening). In case of gum disease, apply 2-3 times a day. When wearing removable dentures, apply before using the denture and before going to bed.

Safe to swallow.

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