Revidont oral elixir with peptides

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Oral elixir with peptides strengthens tooth enamel, helps to suppress pathogenic oral microflora and protects against the development of cavities. It has an anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic effect.

REVIDONT Professional Elixir is designed to support healthy teeth and gums. It contains natural peptide bioregulators of blood vessels, cartilage and thymus, fluorides and essential oils. They have a bactericidal effect, suppressing pathogenic microflora and providing protection against caries, restore periodontal tissues, stimulate local immunity, reduce the risk of gingivitis and stomatitis. REVIDONT Professional reduces tooth sensitivity and eliminates inflammation. The elixir is suitable for people with weak enamel prone to cavities. The elixir is also suitable for daily oral hygiene.

Action of the elixir:

  • freshens breath;
  • Cleans the mouth from food debris;
  • Prevents the rapid formation of tartar;
  • Inhibits the development of fungi;
  • Promotes bone regeneration of the jawbone.

How to take, course of treatment and dosage:

Depending on the condition of the teeth, use the elixir at least 2 times a day or after each meal. Beforehand, a traditional dental hygiene treatment should be carried out. Using a pipette, squeeze the required amount of the elixir into the mouth with 2-3 strokes. Rinse your mouth for at least one minute. The elixir should penetrate into the interdental spaces, treat the inside of the cheek and the entire tongue. Spit out the elixir. There is no need to rinse your mouth with water. You should also refrain from eating for 30 minutes.

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