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Ventramine - Gastric mucosal bioregulator

Recommended for normalization of gastric mucosal function, helps improve and maintain the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Packing: 40 tablets in a pack.



Ventramine is indicated for a variety of digestive organ disorders, such as

  • Gastritis and gastroduodenitis
  • Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer
  • Stomach motility disorders
  • Consequences of poisonings and food infections
  • Pre or post gastric surgery
  • Chronic stress
  • Older age (to maintain normal digestive function)

Diseases of the stomach and duodenum are one of the leading causes of disease in humans today. Among the main reasons for this are the lifestyle of modern people. Harmful food, polluted air, frequent stress - all this has a negative impact on human health and especially on the state of the digestive system.

Risk factors for stomach and duodenal diseases include:

  • Smoking, including passive smoking;
  • Inappropriate diet (irregular meals, eating on the run);
  • Negative emotions and frequent stress;
  • Exposure to stressful occupations;
  • Heredity.

The development of gastric and duodenal pathology begins with damage to the mucosal (inner) layer of these organs. Under the influence of various unfavourable factors (e.g. microorganisms) the protective mechanisms of the mucous layer are violated and the hydrochloric acid of gastric juice "eats" the stomach's own cells. Diseases damage the structure of the cells of the digestive system and interconnections between cells are disrupted.

In order to repair the damaged cell structure and its protective function, cells need "extra protein nutrition". Proteins (proteins) control the processes of intercellular interaction and determine the self-renewal ability of the cell. All tissues of the human body contain certain types of proteins. This has been made possible by the discovery of Günter Blobel, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his scientific work. The scientist discovered that the protein molecule is self-regulating. A lack of peptides (with age or pathology) accelerates tissue wear and tear, the aging process and leads to the development of diseases.

How does Ventramine work?

Ventramine is a complex of proteins and nucleoproteins derived from the mucous membrane of the stomach of young calves, which are identical in protein composition of cells in all mammals. The complex of proteins has a selective effect on the cells of the digestive system and contributes to acceleration of repairing processes in the mucous membrane. Like all Cytamines, Ventramine acts specifically on the cells of the stomach and duodenum, contributing to the normalisation of their function through the mechanism of transcytosis.

Thanks to the mechanism of transcytosis, the incoming protein in its unchanged form ends up in the target cell, in this case the target cells are those of the stomach and duodenum. Once in the mucosa of these organs, Ventramine saturates the cells with an optimal protein "diet", allowing them to recover faster and to normalize their protective functions.

Studies on the effect of Ventramine during various gastro-intestinal diseases (chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, gastric surgery), conducted in 98 patients have shown that the course reception of Ventramin contributes significantly to the normalization of the functions of the gastric mucosa and improve overall health of patients. During treatment with Ventramin appetite increased, the severity of dyspeptic disorders (nausea, heartburn, belching) decreased significantly. The intensity of inflammatory changes in the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum was reduced, pain was reduced.

Directions for use:

Ventramine is recommended to take 1-3 tablets 10-15 minutes before a meal, 2-3 times a day, for 10-15 days. The course is repeated in 3-6 months. Ventramine has no contraindications and can be used both independently and as part of complex therapy.

What to use with?

Often, in diseases of the stomach and duodenum, there are digestive disorders due to insufficient pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic bioregulator - Pancramin - has been developed to prevent and correct these disorders. Pancramin restores normal function of pancreatic cells and helps to normalise the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients necessary for the body.

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